>Groom’s Cakes


A groom’s cake is, as it says, a cake for the groom. The tradition started with southern weddings, and is a fun thing to include in a wedding ceremony. The cake thought to be a gift from the bride to the groom; the bride is the one who orders and designs the cake. The cake’s design is supposed to be kept a surprise until it is served. Many cakes are often related to the groom’s hobbies or special interested. With his favorite cake flavor in mind.
Traditionally, the groom’s cake was given as gifts to unmarried female guests. The cake was given out in personalized boxes and many women kept the boxes under their pillows that night in the hopes they would dream of their future partners. We have a selection of grooms cake on our little cakes page. http://www.thecakecontessa.com/littlecakes.html. If you decide to order a groom’s cake have fun with it!

About contessacatering

I went to The Art Institute of Seattle where I graduated with a full food science degree in Baking and pastry and culinary. After that working at several upscale resorts such as the Royal Hawaiian, in Oahu, The Kapalua Bay hotel in Maui and the Ritz Carlton, The Alexis and Monaco in Seattle. Then landing in Phoenix. In all of these resorts I worked side by side with some of the best chefs in the country. Making cakes for people such as Robert Mondovi’s 90th birthday. Learning how luxury and customer service can make any company successful, especially when it comes to cake and food. Cake Contessa is now the premier dessert delivery service in Arizona, we deliver cakes, cupcakes and desserts for all occasions using the highest quality ingredients. And we cater upscale events and weddings!
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